Teachers and Principals Notebook Program

Program Information

The TPNP (Teacher and Principals Notebook Program) is a program designed to provide eligible teachers with notebooks for school-use.

Devices are owned by DET, but provided as assets to the school and are allocated to eligible teaching staff. Devices no longer move with you to a new school. If you are to leave McKinnon, devices remain with the school for reallocation.


To be eligible for a TPNP device, teachers must:

  • Be a teacher or principal class employee
  • Be registered on the central payroll
  • Work a time fraction greater or equivalent to 0.4 full-time equivalent (FTE)

Leave and Returns

  • If you are taking leave, you may be required to return your device. If possible, we will work to provide you a loan device for the duration of your leave.
  • Your device is to be returned on your last working day before you go on leave.

Ending of employment

  • Your device is to be returned on your last working day at McKinnon
  • If you are moving schools, you must return your device to McKinnon and your new school will provide you with a new device.

End-of-life Replacement

After approximately 4 years, your device will be upgraded. To see when this will be occuring, please find your name in the following table: