Download your Google data

In a few, easy steps, you can export and download your data from the Google products you use, like your email, calendar, and photos.

Download your data with Google Takeout

  1. Visit the Download your data page and sign into your McKinnon Google account.
  2. Choose which Google products to include in your download. To see more details and options for a product, select the Down arrow located at the right of each product.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Choose your archive's "File type." In most scenarios, you will want to select zip.

Next, choose how your archive is delivered

When your archive is created by using one of these options, you will receive an email with a link to its location. Depending on the amount of information in your account, this process could take a few minutes or several hours.

  • Send download link via email
  • Add to Drive
  • Add to Dropbox
  • Add to Microsoft OneDrive

Finally, select Create Archive.

. . . 

For further details, please see Google's article: Downloading your data.